Wildfire ignites astonishing wedding picture

June 19th, 2014

The wedding party was told to evacuate and a fire truck rolled up with sirens blaring June 7, The Oregonian reported.

The minister conducted an abbreviated ceremony. Everyone began to evacuate Bend’s Drake Park and cheered.

As guests headed for the automobiles, wedding photographer Josh Newton shot some photos with the wildfire raging in the background.

Michael Wolber called it “the most beautiful service either people could have ever imagined.” He and his wife, April Hartley, live in both work and Aloha at Nike.

“It is terrible to be evacuated from your own wedding,” said Lisa Clark, a fire information officer with the Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center. “But it’s a story for the remainder of the lives and nothing that could be duplicated.”

The wedding venue was on the edge of the wind- pushed fire and deputies and fire trucks were driving through the area telling people to evacuate as a precaution.

“It is an exact photograph,” she said about the broadly viewed photo.

Fire Fighters were likely sympathetic to the wedding party with the disruption and permitted the service that is fast.

“I don’t believe the firefighters would have allowed the extra few minutes if it’d been that crucial,” Clark said.

Cries for ‘Daddy’ by school return surprising find

But when woman began looking for a kid, she found a large green parrot up .

The parrot then flew onto a bamboo stand. Firefighters pursued it out and it to your shelter and brought an animal control officer caught it.

Perez says the fowl was discussing nonstop saying, “daddy,” “hello,” “what!” and other words.

The fowl was found about one mile from its residence. It was afterwards reunited with its owner, who’d reported it missing.

Girl at shop accused of stuffing 7 lobster tails in slacks


A loss prevention officer at the DeLand Publix told police he observed the lobster tails are place by Nichole Ann Reed, 30, into her trousers. He says before leaving she walked around the shop.

She was discovered by police about an hour afterwards. Reed told them she went to the store with the aim of stealing the lobster tails. According to a police report, she said she intended to trade the lobster with a friend to get either the prescription pain medication or a Chinese buffet Dilaudid.

0 bail was posted by her.

Boxer puppy loses run-in with porcupine

A boxer puppy in suburban Wichita has learned a painful lesson Leave them alone.

KWCH-TV reports a showdown with a porcupine left the pup with a faceful of white quills. There were so many, actually, that owner Gary Koenigs initially thought Tatum had a beard.

The Goddard guy says he pulled out about 50 quills June 5, subsequently took Tatum to Wichita for treatment at Animal Hospital. There, Dr. Gary Stamps removed more than 200 quills in a half hour surgery.

Stamps said he’s only three other pets that were treated during 23 years in scenarios that were similar.

Koenigs said Tatum is recuperating at home, resting well. Stamps let the Koenigs family keep the quills .

BINANGONAN, Rizal—The men of the excursion face a wide selection of tests

June 19th, 2014

BINANGONAN, Rizal—The men of the excursion face a wide selection of tests—from the tricky, up-and-down layout, to the tough adding area and the wind—as they begin their chase for your prime P650,000 bag while in the abundant ICTSI Manila Pros at the Eastridge Driver here today.

Rufino Bayron tries to create it two-in-strip after scoring a discovery win at ICTSI Orchard Golf Champion early this month but a number of others getting back together the treatment of the plant are out to foil his bet and gasoline their respective title drive-in the four-day title offering whilst the eighth leg of the year’s ICTSI Philippine Golf Tour.

“It is going to be robust,” mentioned Bayron in Pilipino before teeing off in yesterday’s proam competition prepared by Pilipinas Golf Events, Inc. “The area is strong and the wind is actually a massive factor because it might strike from any part anytime, so membership choice is key.”

On top of his type, Bayron also hopes to cash in on an early morning tee-off at 7 a.m. within the business of Carl Santos-Ocampo and Jhonnel Ababa at No. 10, the way in which Charles Hong expects after pulling a-6:50 a.m. start with Zanie Boy Gialon and Ferdie Aunzo.

But plenty of professionals are upgrading therefore it should really be a good show,” explained Hong, all primed up for a brush of the initial two P3.5 million events to the enterprise financed by International Container Terminal Services, Inc. after judgment the ICTSI Sherwood Hills Classic last April.

Apart from the wind component, the discipline that is elite faces an assortment of difficulties in the mountain-top design which demands not just accurate shot-making continuous getting but additionally and reliable iron play.

Emphasis will also be about the 11:10 a.m. journey presenting reigning back-to-back ICTSI PGT Order of Value champion and current OOM leader Lascuna, The Country Club Invitational winner Casas along with the fresh Tabuena heading all-out to click along subject cause within the routine guaranteed by Nike Tennis, Pacsports, Srixon, FootJoy, It’s More Enjoyable inside the Philippines, Callaway, Mizuno, Custom Clubmakers, Titleist, Sharp and KZG.

“It’s a good group and that I assume a powerful begin from Miguel and Cassius,” mentioned Lascuna, also upbeat of his possibilities to get a next leg get after leading ICTSI Area phases and the ICTSI Eagle Shape in emphatic ways. “I feelgood about my chances so it’s anybody’s race.” but everyone will be here

Sunken car in Savannah River perplexes officials

May 22nd, 2014

A white Mercedes-Benz sits belly up just below the surface of the Savannah River and officials are not sure where it came from, who possesses it or how it got there.

The auto, which is visible to the naked eye the river is low, generally prompts an influx of calls from fishermen and panicked motorists Savannah Riverkeeper Tonya Bonitatibus said.

Last weekend, law enforcement agencies and saving workers from either side of the river again rushed to the bridge, only after they comprehended the same car that’s been there for years it to shrug their shoulders and head house.

By Bonitatibus’ count, the luxury sedan could have found its final resting spot about five years ago.

“We have actually have no notion,” said Steve Arnold, the assistant leader of the Rich-mond County Dive Team.

Bonitatibus hypothesizes that the automobile might have run off the road near among the entries to the bridge, before settling nearer to the South Carolina side flipping over.

“They’d to have run it off the road right before the bridge,” one said. “A lot of people do not know this because it is
overgrown now, but you can find old ramps on both sides of the Sand Bar Ferry bridge.”

Arnold said the sunken automobile raises more questions than answers. A veteran diver under his belt, he said he learned about the car about 3 years ago.

“Where’s it located, it is difficult for it to have floated downstream, and there is no actual means for it for someone to have drove into it,” he said.

Officials have inspected the vehicle several times – most recently – hoping to find any clue that may link the car to its first owner, but each dive returns negative results, Arnold said.

The automobile was stripped of license plate and its vehicle identification number, and all of the windows are broken out.

Currently, the river is lower than normal, partly due to fish spawning in Thur-mond Lake, said Billy Birdwell, the spokesman for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Thurmond Dam was releasing about 11,400 cubic feet of water per second on average over a 24-hour period. The corps has reduced the outflow per
Second to help level out the lake for spawning, Birdwell said.

Water levels that are lower mean individuals are more inclined to find what secrets hide beneath the surface of the river, and Bonitatibus says there’s no shortage of artifacts that individuals have left behind.

“There’s all kinds of old relics, and people’re usually pushed over the side of a bridge by someone,” she said.

No telling how many vehicles call the depths of the Savannah River home, Ar-nold said does recall detecting five automobiles in one day during a dip in 1996, although there is he.

“Some are casual,” he said. “Some are stolen. We’ve located them down there with stereos pulled out and windows punched out. Some were only joy rides and were subsequently pushed in.”

Besides the occasional pair of sunglasses and lots of antique bottles, Arnold said, he knows of a few of boats that are sunken, including one.

Bonitatibus said the autos have a minimal impact on the river’s ecosystem, though the river bed is littered with vehicles.

“There’s going to be rust coming off of it and those types of things, but at this point, a lot of that’s fish habitat,” she said. “The bigger question is, if we are going to keep the water level low, do we need to re-evaluate maybe removing many of these things from the river?”

Sunglass trends: Larger is better

May 22nd, 2014

A pair of fashionable shades is the greatest fashion accessory, but selecting the right eyewear has never been less easy due to the big variety in the stores.
The trend has changed from the enormous sunglasses of last year to this year’s even larger extra large sunglasses.
Square shades can make a face look severe. If you’d like to take the look pick a pair -bridge, which looks really masculine.
“Women with huge noses should avoid that type of sunglass,” says Kruschinski.
If square eyeglasses are not your thing, why not go in the opposite way and try a large round pair as worn by Victoria Beckham.
Great, slight frames have replaced yesteryear’s chunky shades.
“It’s all about the face this season,” clarifies Kruschinski. The lenses may be large but the colours and eyeglasses are much more reserved.
They likewise have a 70s touch thanks to gold or silver frames and double nose-bridges.
An option to the appearance is a pair of plastic eyeglasses in natural colours. An extreme variation of the pilot sunglasses comes with coloured reflective mirror lenses.
The Wayfarer model of Rayban is the trendiest sunglass out there. The classic Wayfarer has elegant black frames but the new versions have become different.
“It’s all about picking a pair to fit your colour obstructing,” says Andrea Lakeberg, a personal shopper. “There are no rules. It is possible to wear pink frames with green eyeglasses or have multi coloured frameworks.” Yet again, the bigger the better and size matters.
And what of the models of yesterday? Last season’s favourites included bizarre-looking round shades in a 40s “panto” design after identified with Audrey Hepburn. You don’t need to pack them away forever. Why not try getting coloured lenses for exactly the same glasses? “There are barely any differences between men and girls when it comes to design and colour,” clarifies fashion consultant Tina Kramhoeller.
Men do have the choice of going for frames that are thicker. “And possibly pink is best left to girls.” But the principal rule is the sunglasses should suit your kind and you should like them.
Are there shades you should prevent? Models with a broad single-piece lens are no longer in style. They look too cycling goggles that are like and do not compliment a face. — dpa

Tzukuri Shades Can Be Found With An iPhone App So You’ll Never Lose Them

May 22nd, 2014

The future of the eyewear business could completely change.

The Sydney-based company is manufacturing sunglasses which can be found with a mobile application and alert wearers so they will never lose their shades again.

The $350 shades are not even availble yet, but a small number can be preoredered for $49 and a remaining $200 will be billed when they ship. Pairs are expected to arrive between November and December of 2014 and will be accessible internationally — even to Antarctica, according to the firm.

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The price might appear steep but the spectacles themselves are “handmade by the world’s best eyewear artisans in Japan.” Three weeks and 100 individual measures are invested in each pair.

The beacon that couple with alarms wearers and the Tzukuri iPhone program when they accidentally leave them someplace is a pretty remarkable.

It really is solar-powered but nearly unnoticeable in the sunglasses and conveys with a paired device using Bluetooth 4.0 technology, which uses very little battery life. The beacon additionally uses BLE so an Internet connection isn’t unnecessary to sending alarms.

And the shades are waterproof so wearers do not have to worry about taking them places they’d bring a generally pair of sunglasses.

Depending on the environment, Tzukuri says the beacon has a range but it’ll alarm wearers at 16, 32 and 50 feet between their shades and them. The program also will understand when a wearer is house, so they are not getting unnecessary alerts, and can act as a locator when they are misplaced at home.

The program does not need to be running for shades to send alerts either.

The only disadvantage is wearers can only just pair their shades.

Everyone has felt a pair of shades at some point.

You are on your own, in case you have a habit of breaking them.

Sirens: Malibu Crime Report, April 30-May 5

May 22nd, 2014

The following crimes were reported in Malibu between May 5 and April 30.

4/30 Weightless

Malibu High was burglarized.

5/1 Mac attack

- A vehicle burglary occurred at Surfrider Beach.


- On Pacific Coast Highway, a home was robbed of a 17-inch Macbook Pro ($800).

5/2 Diamonds aren’t eternally

- A stainless steel Cartier roadster watch ($8,000) and an aqua marine diamond ($7,000) were stolen from a Las Flores Canyon dwelling.

5/4 Anger control

- car was vandalized. The two door 2005 Mercedes CLK 500 had its fender dented and paint scraped. The Mercedes emblem was also ripped off and there was a 3-foot cut to the convertible top.

- Workers at the Malibu Shell gas station witnessed a burglary when two suspects put a bankcard skimmer on a bankcard register.

5/5 Park and run

- A petty theft transpired at the Paradise Cove parking lot. A suspect’s or her parking ticket was lost by he and didn’t care to pay a $40 parking fee and drove off without paying.